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Cultural apartment service education

Longyuan Apartments has established a leading competitive advantage in the industry with the core feature of "cultural flats and services for educating people". The company took the lead in drafting the local standards of "socialized services for student flats in higher education institutions" and "socialized services for international students' flats in higher education institutions" in Liaoning Province, and won the awards of "Moving Apartments" and "Most Beautiful Apartment People". "The ten most beautiful people in the flat".

First. Precise service positioning

1. "People" oriented and student-centred.

2.The flat is the "first society", "second family" and "third classroom" of college students, and it is the grassroots position of "three comprehensive education It is the grassroots position of "three comprehensive education" and a large classroom for "life quality development".

3. Adhere to the service concept of "for students, ask students, integrate students".

4. Creating a "One Student, One Story" to capture the beauty of university life.

second. Deep cultural implantation

1. Cultural infiltration: infiltration of the flat culture with national, traditional, educational and school culture.

2. Theme building: to determine the theme of the block and customize the flat culture with the cultural background of the school as the main line.

3. Atmospheric environment creation: VI guide culture, wall corridor culture, functional space culture, dormitory culture, community culture construction, etc..

4. Functional space: one-stop foyer, special needs room, shared kitchen, love house, fitness house, multi-functional house, etc. to meet the needs of students' living, learning, socializing, exercising and activities.

5. Behavioural guidance: rich thematic and cultural activities around moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labour education to help students grow physically and mentally.

third.Multi-dimensional parenting model

1. To serve and nurture people, to care for them, to help them, to educate them and to guide them in service.

2. Joint parenting, joint governance platforms, life coaches and school-enterprise student self-management organisations.

3. Practice education, the creation of a college student management consulting company, allowing students to participate in the field research of campus life service scenarios, work-study, planning of various activities, etc.; with the school innovation and entrepreneurship department to create a campus "youth creation space", build part-time employment services online service platform, incubate campus entrepreneurial projects to serve society.

4. Organizing and educating people, collaborating with schools to play the role of student party members and grassroots party branches to root ideological education in the flats.

5. network education, guide students to improve the quality of online civilization, create online cultural products, spread the main theme, promote positive energy.

fourth.Construction of high-quality apartments

1、 Smart Apartment

Online shift management, online information release, online housekeeping management, online maintenance services, online assessment and scoring, online registration management, online attendance management, data management and statistics, etc. Dimensional data analysis.

2、Green Apartments

3、 Quality Apartments

★Leading the drafting of the local standards of "Socialized Student Residence Service in Higher Education Institutions" and "Socialized International Student Residence Service in Higher Education Institutions" in Liaoning Province to fill the gaps in China, and participating in the drafting of the "National Guideline Standard for the Construction of Standardized Student Residence in Higher Education Institutions" of China Education Logistics Association. The group standards of China Education Logistics Association "Standardized Student Residence Construction Guideline" and China Education Logistics Association "Standard for Student Residence Management Service in Higher Education Institutions" were drafted and implemented in Liaoning Province and the whole country respectively.

★Construction of the Dragon Sourcing internal standard document system - "One Post, One Book" was completed. It embodies the three principles of "one book must be clear about one post", "all for the purpose of practical implementation and effectiveness" and "all for the purpose of replication and sustainability".

★Implementation of two levels of training and coaching, two levels of quality supervision and star-rated flat assessment from the Group to the project and from the project to the post - demonstrating the results of standardisation on the ground.

4、 Secure flat

The bottom line of safety is guarded through fire safety, security, health and epidemic safety, psychological safety, group behaviour safety, public opinion safety and various safety emergency plans.