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Building a model of stewardship campus property

First,Longyuan's understanding of campus property is different

University property is the basic guarantee of university teaching and research, and is the direct display of university image. The management quality of university property determines the safety quality, environmental quality, asset quality and service quality of the university campus.

The basic elements of Longyuan's campus property management include: security management, environmental management, facilities management, landscaping management, business support services and other contracted projects, etc.

Secondly, the Dragon Campus property creates a distinctive customer experience

Peaceful Property

The six lines of defence for safety at Longyuan properties: fire safety, personal safety, property safety, environmental safety, equipment and facilities safety, and group safety.

Quality properties

Longyuan treats the "property" of its partner universities as its "family business".

Green Property

We insist on creating a healthy living environment and advocating a healthy lifestyle with our low-carbon, energy-saving and consumption-reducing concepts and technologies.

Housekeeping properties

We provide special services for pre-construction consultation, property handover and acceptance, one-stop enquiry, VIP welcome and reception, and daily work and living assistance.

Business Properties

Dragon Sourcing properties provide business support services to our clients, becoming their right-hand man for government and business affairs.

Cultural Properties

Longyuan Property's spiritual philosophy, visual image and daily behaviour are fully integrated into the culture of our partner universities to create a cultured campus property.

Smart Property

Online attendance, assessment and maintenance management is achieved through the student side, teacher side and management side, and management upgrades are achieved with the Smart Property Cloud Platform.

Third, Longyuan campus property management initiatives are different

One Centre

All the work of Longyuan Property is centred on the pursuit of zero-defect service, and the high quality of service is felt everywhere by the co-operating universities through fast, on-point and warm butler-style services.

Four principles

A combination of planning and flexibility; timeliness of response and accuracy; individuality of service and commonality; and effectiveness of information and confidentiality.

Twelve initiatives

"Before": thinking before teachers and students, doing before teachers and students

"After": implement the first-asked responsibility system, responsible to the end, so that everything is accounted for and everything is implemented

"High": High-quality personnel and high-tech means to implement high-quality and efficient management

"Low": the best value-for-money service for every penny spent by partner universities

"Fine": reserve cadre system + Longyuan Business School to select and train elite talents for Longyuan

"Detail": making meticulous service available throughout the planning, preparation, execution, checking and reflecting process

"Big": the big picture first, property services should be subordinated to the university's teaching and research and governance plan

"Small": no property is small, based on doing every little thing well

"More": allowing teachers and students to enjoy convenient services without leaving the school, reducing school supervision effort and cost investment

"Fewer": a reasonable reduction in the number of management steps to improve efficiency

"Move": dynamic management is the most timely and reliable, and the most valuable scenario for property management is the site

"Quiet": Property services implement zero interference management, do not interfere with the main work of teachers and students