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Shenyang Jianzhu University Project Apartment Building Changning Hongyan


2022-05-27 15:43

She can guard her family and protect the students' hearts

——No. 10 apartment building of Jijian grand project (Changning Hongyan)



Ning Hongyan is the director of the apartment building of Shenyang University of architecture. Under the management of Ning Hongyan, building 10 has been rated as "excellent building" for many times. The "excellent" here comes from her good management of apartments and her love for students. It is said that she is the "gatekeeper" of building 10. She can not only guard the "home" of the apartment, but also protect the students' hearts.

Regard the apartment as a family and be dedicated

Ning Hongyan said that to be an apartment manager is to help each other like family members, protect the safety of each dormitory and the growth of each student. She said so and did so.

She is friendly, and she will appear at the first time when there is any difficulty in the employee's home: she will visit and take care of the employee when he is sick, and she will carefully help to mediate when there is conflict in the employee's home; She is enthusiastic and often rides a car through the campus to help other building heads answer questions and solve problems; She was brave and isolated the students returning from the epidemic. Ning Hongyan was the first to sign up to work in the isolation area. Under her leadership, the epidemic prevention team successfully completed the isolation task, which was praised by the students and the school leaders.

However, when Ning Hongyan meets with difficulties, she always grit her teeth. In March this year, her mother was ill and admitted to the hospital. At that time, the international student apartment of Jianda needed closed management, especially an experienced building manager to be responsible for the stay at home apartment. The company leader asked Ning Hongyan for her opinions. In order to live up to the trust of the company and for the safety of the children, she did not tell everyone about her mother's condition, and pulled up the safety protection line of the international student apartment with her professional ability and courage, Ensuring their safety.

Ning Hongyan has good eyes and a good memory. There are so many students in the hall, but she can call the name of each student, know the dormitory they live in, and even know their professional class within a short time after the freshmen move in. Because after each student enters the big family of the apartment, she is the first big parent she comes into contact with. "Only by knowing children can we ensure that outsiders are not allowed in and out, and their safety can be guaranteed. Besides, they are like my own children. No mother does not know her own children." when talking about these, Ning Hongyan always smiles with satisfaction and satisfaction.

Compare yourself to a teacher and serve others

It is an important part of Ning Hongyan's daily work to observe students' trends and care about their lives. At about 7 o'clock one night, Ning Hongyan was sorting out the spare keys when she suddenly heard a cry from the study space next to the office. She hurried to see a boy crying. Ning Hongyan hurriedly asked: "what's wrong with the child? What's wrong with him? Tell your aunt if you have anything. She will help you!" The firm and powerful words attracted the boy's eyes and made him reveal his heart to his aunt, who was like his mother. It turned out that the boy was under great pressure to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. At this time, his girlfriend proposed to break up with him. The boy suffered from emotional frustration and learning pressure, and had been sleepless for several consecutive nights. He was very anxious. Ning Hongyan saw that the 21-year-old child was so depressed and cherished. She immediately patted the child on the back and dried his eyes, Say: "If you can enter the University, you are excellent. If you want to enter the graduate school, it shows that you have ambitions. It is inevitable that you encounter setbacks in the process of growth. You still have a lot of good things to experience. It is good to be successful. If there are failures and disappointments, you should be good at summing up your experience. It is not worth it. Because there are many people who love you to accompany you to grow and progress together, your family, and yours Friends, aunts and me. " The tears in the boy's eyes were wiped away and gradually became bright. He talked with aunt Ning about some recent events until he opened his heart knot and reappeared a sunny smile. It was already dawn. The boy's hometown is in Anhui. As the holiday is coming soon, Ning Hongyan is worried that the boy will have some thoughts and feel uncomfortable on the long road. She asks the boy's fellow roommates and suggests that they return to their hometown together. Before getting on the bus, Ning Hongyan especially tells the boy's roommates to take care of him and talk about happy things on the way. Until the boy came into the house and couldn't wait to send a message to Aunt Ning to report that she was safe, her heart was relieved.

This year's school season, affected by the epidemic, considering the health and life safety of students, the school prohibits parents from entering the building. A student quarreled with his parents. Ning Hongyan hurried to ask about the situation. It turned out that the parents had prepared too much luggage and clothes. Now the students had to take them into the dormitory and make their beds, which was very troublesome. At this time, Ning Hongyan, the "mediator", was "on the line". She patiently told the students to understand the family's hard work. "I'm also a mother. When my daughter goes to school, I would like to move her home. I'm afraid she is not used to it." The boy's eyes slowly softened. Ning Hongyan turned to her parents and explained: "when the child comes to Jianda, please rest assured that we will take good care of the child. College is an important step in the child's growth. You must also trust the child and let the child grow up by yourself!" Ning Hongyan's voice fell. The boy raised his head firmly and confidently and said, "yes, yes, Auntie will take care of us. Please hurry back!" The parents were still very reluctant to give up. The boy dragged his luggage and walked to the building. He waved his hand and said, "let's go, let's go, it will be dark in a while!" Ning Hongyan followed up and helped the boy carry the bag. She thought to herself: the child is indifferent on the surface, but also worried about his parents' safety.

Considering that the students have just left home and have not learned many things in life, Jianda company arranges cleaning personnel to help the students make their beds, so that the students can fully feel the warmth of aunt Longyuan and relieve the tension of the students when they first come to the strange environment. Ning Hongyan also goes to every dormitory to see. If there are students in need of help, she can do it immediately, and if she can't do it, she immediately asks the company. In this busy school season, not only the footsteps and sweat, but also the distance between the aunt and the children are closely related.

Ning Hongyan is just like this. With her sincere dedication and full of positive energy, she has a subtle influence on the children and guides them to be better.

Treat students as their own, and love them

There are many students of Information College in the building where Ning Hongyan lives. They love sports, especially basketball. In a pre competition training, 8 students were injured, including 2 students with broken arms and 6 students with sprained feet. Seeing the children's pale faces, "I wish I could hurt them," Ning Hongyan muttered. She picked up the phone and called 120 for them, and then contacted the campus 110 to send them to the school gate to wait for the arrival of 120 to ensure that they were treated in the first time. After these injured students were discharged from the hospital and returned to the dormitory, Ning Hongyan went to check their injuries and mental state every morning. One of the students in dormitory 217 had a serious leg injury and could not squat down. Ning Hongyan found that the boy was always embarrassed and could not speak. Thinking that it must be inconvenient for him to go to the bathroom, Ning Hongyan bought a stool and put it in the bathroom he often went to. The boy was very moved. After his leg was healed, he said to Aunt Ning, "aunt, you are very kind. I know what I need most without opening my mouth. Thank you for taking care of me during this time. You are like my relatives and my mother."

One day, Ning Hongyan baked sugar cakes for her family while taking a rest, and sent a circle of friends by the way. When the students in dormitory 508 saw the circle of friends, they liked it and said: "it's delicious. I really want to have a bite of the cake made by my aunt!"! Ning Hongyan saw it, and no matter whether they were joking or really wanted to eat a home cooked meal, she got up at about four o'clock the next day, baked a lot of sugar cakes, put them in a heat preservation bag and took them to school, and gave them to the children of 508. The children who opened the door wiped their sleepy eyes and shouted excitedly at the house: "get up, aunt Ning's love breakfast is here!" The children immediately got up from bed, washed and gargled quickly, and competed to taste the love breakfast that is hard to change.

Ma Shouxiang, a senior graduate, is 1.89 in height and needs a processing bed. He found Ning Hongyan to communicate this matter. Ning Hongyan's understanding of the child's life story is very sympathetic. His parents died in a car accident when he was in primary school. His grandparents brought him up to support him in college. Now the old man is more than 70 years old. When the sunny and handsome boy talked about his family situation calmly on his face, Ning Hongyan thought how strong the child's inner knowledge was to have such a sunny character. However, she felt that he was not so plain as he showed, and always had a sense of distance. Ning Hongyan was very distressed and wanted to give him more warmth. When the weather changes, Ning Hongyan will tell Ma Shou that she wants to increase or decrease her clothes. If she has a flu, she will tell him to pay attention to protection. When school starts and holidays, she will tell him to pay attention to safety and cook delicious food at home. Ning Hongyan will also bring more to Ma Shouxiang... People say that warmth and love are mutual. Indeed, Ma Shouxiang's heart is gradually opened. Every time she sees Ning Hongyan standing on a stool and writing a blackboard newspaper, she will run over and hold it firmly, Seeing Ning Hongyan carrying something, he also walked forward without saying anything. There is not much talk between them, but the warmth of mother and son flows from time to time.

Ning Hongyan also likes to read books on management and psychology at ordinary times. She keeps learning to improve her management ability and communication ability with students, and implements service education and moral cultivation into daily practice bit by bit.

Day after day, year after year, the fragrance of peach and plum is burning. Ning Hongyan is just like this. She regards herself as the "gatekeeper", carries the responsibility on her shoulders, puts the students in her heart, sticks to the ordinary and great post in the busy, and writes warm and moving songs in the years.



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