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Su Fansong, Administrator of the International Student Housing Project of Shenyang Aeronautics and Astronautics University


2022-05-27 15:32

"Circle pink" is the "Chinese mother" of foreign students

——Su fansong, the administrator of the international student apartment of Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics



Since May 2019, Su fansong has been the administrator of the international student apartment of the school of international education of Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has always been based on the needs of his post, strengthened business learning, met the needs of students, won the respect and love of the international student community, and was called "Chinese mother" by international students.

Be a guide for the growth of overseas students

"Zhong Cheng, living in room 415, is a little prince of music!" "Jifa, a child of Papua New Guinea, is straightforward and outgoing"... "I can recognize every student from my back, and I know more about everyone's personality!" Su fansong said with a smile, pointing to the students who filed through the gate. It's not easy to understand and get familiar with more than 200 foreign students. It's amazing to know the physical appearance, personality, characteristics and hobbies of more than 200 foreign students. When everyone asked Su fansong how to strengthen her memory, she said that in fact she didn't need to remember them. She treated them as her own children and lived together day and night. Every mother would naturally know her own children like the palm of her hand!

Ao Yu in room b712 is very quiet. He is only addicted to playing games in his spare time every day and is unwilling to make friends. Su fansong came up with an idea after learning about the situation. Every time Ao Yu passed his workbench, he would smile and shout "my friend Ao Yu!". At first, Ao Yu was very embarrassed and hurried away without responding. After a long time, Su fansong found that Ao Yu was used to this way of greeting. First, he responded to "my friend mother". Slowly, he would take the initiative to greet Su fansong. Now he has made many good friends.

Mako in room B211 is a Tanzanian student. He once cried to sufansong for bloody stools and was often melancholy. Su fansong instructed him to regulate his diet and advised him to take medicine and exercise more. Now Marco's illness is much better, and he has become sunny and confident. On the new year's day of 2021, the school organized a Chinese poetry reading competition for foreign students, and Su fansong encouraged ma ke to actively participate. Marco admires the great Chinese poet Li Bai very much. Su fansong transcribed the Pinyin version of "coming to wine" for him, and selected and edited the background music for him. Through unremitting efforts, marke won the first place in the school. When Ma Kexing happily handed the certificate to Su fansong, Su fansong was very excited, as if his son had won the honor! "Through my guidance, foreign children can love China and Chinese culture more. I think this job is worth it." Su fansong said so.

Ji Fa in room b419 is a student from Papua New Guinea. He is rough and always gives people a sense of oppression. In the past, Su fansong often violated discipline and loved to drink. He often talked to him and told him that his children were also studying in other places. As a mother, she hoped that he would abide by the school regulations and be a good student. Jifa's mother must be the same, and hoped that Jifa would be a good student. After many communications, Jifa finally decided to quit drinking. For a while, Jifa secretly told Su fansong that he liked a girl and was pursuing her. However, things backfired. The girl didn't like him, so he got entangled and scared the girl to find Su fansong crying and ask him to help persuade Jifa. Su fansong found Jifa and told him to learn to respect others and apologize to them. Su fansong bought chocolate for the girl to forgive Jifa. Since then, Ji Fa has changed a lot. He knows how to deal with emotional problems correctly. Now he and the girl have become good friends. Su fansong felt that he was happy to help the children face up to problems and solve contradictions.

Sincerely pay, be the guardian of the body and mind of foreign students

Mary is a Tanzanian girl. She is introverted and seldom communicates with others. Su fansong found that Mary's snacks made of peanuts were delicious. She often praised her and said that it was a pity that no one shared the lovely snacks. She encouraged her to give them to everyone and make friends with her classmates. Su fansong also asked Mary to communicate with the supermarket and let the supermarket help her sell. Now her small business is very prosperous and she is very happy. She is no longer introverted.

Mu Di Ping in room b425 is like an innocent child. "Mom's small baby", Su fansong is very happy every time he calls him this. When he meets problems, he will come to Su fansong to discuss and ask him whether his decision is right. Once, Mu Diping had a fight with his classmates. Su fansong took great efforts to pull him back to his room and asked him sternly why he was fighting? However, he said that because that classmate said bad things about Su fansong, Su fansong could not laugh or cry at that time, but he was more moved. He said to him that he only hoped that these foreign children could grow up quickly in China and make contributions to his country and the friendship between countries.

Hai Lan in room b623 is a beautiful Tanzanian girl who suffers from severe diabetes. Every time I saw her, Su fansong advised her to go out more and come downstairs to chat. She always said that she had no strength and was unwilling to go downstairs. Once, Hai Lan asked Su fansong: "aunt Su, can I return home? I miss my mother and want to go home!" Su fansong took the opportunity to ask her: "can you take a long-distance plane now? Do you want to see your mother sick? How much your mother loves you! So hurry up and let your body become strong! Auntie will help you stay with you!" In order to help Hai Lan, after communicating with the doctor, Su fansong arranged a daily exercise plan and diet for her, encouraged her to walk slowly if she had no strength, arranged other girls to walk with her during her exercise, and supervised her diet. In this way, Hailan can walk with the mineral water and become strong. She can also take photos with her classmates and send them to her mother. Finally, when Hai Lan returned home, his blood sugar had been well controlled, and his family was very grateful to Su fansong.

Jian Wei in room B109 is a student from Papua New Guinea. In May this year, Jian Wei had a tennis bag on his left hip. Su fansong said that he must go to the hospital immediately. Accompanied by his classmates, Jian Wei went to the Fourth People's Hospital of Shenyang to see a doctor. Su fansong received a phone call just before he came home from work. The classmate accompanying Jian Wei said that Jian Wei had a fever and was in the fever clinic. He might have to be isolated first. Under the influence of the international epidemic, Jian Wei was very afraid and shouted "find your mother and call her!"! Su fansong hurried to the hospital anxiously. While doing a good job in self-protection, he also brought masks and disinfectant wipes to the students, and also brought food to each of them. Because the hospital opened a green channel for Jian Wei, the examination results came out soon. Jian Wei suffered from a rare anorectal disease, "perianal necrotizing fasciitis", with a mortality rate of 50-70%. If he came a few hours later, his life would be in danger and he needed immediate surgery. He might not be able to clean up after one operation, and he would have to face the second or third operation. Su fansong reported the situation to the school, and Jian Wei had the first operation that night. As soon as Su fansong had a rest, he rushed to the hospital to send Jian Wei food and nursing mats. He also learned about his condition from the doctor and instructed him that his affected area and wound were very painful. Su fansong was so distressed that he sent him wechat to encourage him to be strong when he was on duty and went to visit him as soon as he had a rest. Jian Wei sends a wechat message to Su fansong every day to tell him about the changes in his condition. At first, he said that "the meat inside doesn't hurt, but the wound on the outer skin hurts." later, he said, "Mom, I'm happy today, and I can walk down the ground"... Jian Wei's condition is improving day by day, and Su fansong is also relieved.

Su fansong said that some overseas students call her teacher Su, some call her "mother", and some call her "Idol" and "angel". No matter what the name is, it is full of infinite love and respect for her. Being able to sincerely pay for the children in such a position, help them grow up, and even do something to spread Chinese culture and promote friendship between countries is her unexpected happiness, but her faith from the beginning to the end.



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