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2023 model worker Xu Hui, Sujiatun District, Shenyang


2024-03-11 11:30

The spring breeze turns into rain to protect tender buds, and the heart is filled with warmth and blood to create new flowers

Xu Hui joined the Shen Ti Student Apartment project in March 2013. With a spirit of love and dedication, she has transformed from an administrator to a building manager, and from an ordinary dormitory staff member to a highly respected "Xu mother" among students. Over the past decade, Xu Hui has devoted herself wholeheartedly to her work, and her enthusiasm and persistence have touched countless people. Her story has gradually become known and gained more attention and recognition. She has successively won the annual exemplary individual, star employee, excellent employee and other honorary titles of the enterprise, and received the honorary banner from the service department. In 2020, she was appointed as a "life coach" by the school, and in 2023, she was honored as a model worker of Sujiatun District.

She perfectly interprets the importance and significance of the profession of life counselor with sincere care, excellent professional competence, and selfless feelings. Her work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility have made her a person that students can trust and rely on. She has conveyed warmth and care to students through practical actions, and also helped them solve many learning and life problems.

Xu Hui's spirit of dedication and professional competence not only earned the respect and love of students, but also set a professional example as a life counselor. Her deeds fully demonstrate her love for work and concern for students, and she has demonstrated through practical actions what it means to "dedicate love to every student.".

Caring deeply, moisturizing silently

I am their number one, they are my only one

Xu Hui always adheres to the student-centered concept and provides meticulous care to students with motherly care. Whenever students encounter problems in their daily lives, she always appears first, providing them with comfort, care, and nurturing. Her presence makes students feel at ease, as well as parents and teachers feel at ease.
Xu Hui firmly believes that even though students have entered adulthood, they still need to be cared for and nurtured. Whenever a student encounters difficulties and first thinks of her and seeks her help, she always feels immensely relieved and proud. Her efforts and efforts have also been recognized and appreciated by the students. When Guan returned to school after recovering, she immediately gave Xu Hui a warm hug, which made her feel extremely relieved and satisfied.

On the late night of September 14, 2021, Xu Hui received an emergency call from the administrator, who learned that Li Shijie, a student in the community of Building 8, had developed fever symptoms. Due to Li Shijie's recent return to school from Xiamen, Xu Hui was highly alert. She immediately rushed to the scene and accompanied Li Shijie to the school hospital without hesitation.

On the way to the hospital, Xu Hui comforted Li Shijie with warm words, telling him not to be too nervous. At the same time, she promptly contacted Li Shijie's counselor and apartment manager to quickly report the situation. Following the instructions of the school and epidemic prevention department, Li Shijie was quickly sent to the hospital for further treatment.
During the waiting process, Xu Hui remained by Li Shijie's side. After this tense and orderly response, Li Shijie received timely treatment and his condition was effectively controlled. This incident highlights Xu Hui's sense of responsibility, care, and ability to calmly respond. She uses her actions to safeguard the safety of the community and the health of students.

Deepen the hearts of students and nourish their growth with love and care

Xu Hui has always adhered to a rigorous, steady, and rational language style, alway committed to taking care of students' lives carefully, and being able to pay attention to their mental health, providing positive guidance and motivation. She firmly practices the concept of serving and educating people, always paying attention to the status of students, especially giving special care to special students. In order to provide better assistance to students, she will also study professional psychology knowledge seriously and apply the knowledge she has learned to provide effective psychological comfort. Her goal is to help students overcome emotional difficulties, guide them to grow up healthy, and truly solve practical problems.

On the first day of the new semester in March 2017, Xu Hui wrote a duty record in the dormitory management room. That night, Wei Ming, a 16th grade student from the School of Management and Journalism, knocked on the door, hoping to use a thermometer to measure her temperature. She said she may have a slight fever. Xu Hui asked her to stay in the management room to measure her temperature, but Wei Ming insisted on returning to the dormitory. After observing that Wei Ming's condition was still good, Xu Hui reminded her to go see her aunt if she had a severe fever.

About half an hour later, Wei Ming found Xu Hui again and requested to borrow a phone to contact his family. During the call, Xu Hui noticed Wei Ming's abnormal emotions and immediately used his own phone to contact Wei Ming's family. After two attempts, the phone finally answered. Wei Ming showed extreme anxiety and pain over the phone, saying that he couldn't fall asleep and demanding that his mother come to school immediately. However, considering geographical distance, this is clearly unrealistic. Therefore, Xu Hui assured Wei Ming's mother over the phone that he would be by her side. Based on his rich experience, Xu Hui speculated that Wei Ming may have been feeling down due to the pressure of make-up exams. In order to help her, Xu Hui had a long conversation with her, providing comfort and positive guidance.

It wasn't until after 2 pm that Wei Ming's emotions gradually stabilized, and Xu Hui sent her back to her dormitory to rest. The next day, Xu Hui immediately contacted Wei Ming's supervisor to strengthen their attention and concern for her. They provided encouragement and positive guidance, ultimately helping Wei Ming overcome her emotional difficulties and enabling her to face problems with a more positive and optimistic attitude.

The flower of love blooms with warmth

Xu Hui always upholds the principle of providing students with meticulous care and family like companionship, and this sincere heart has won the deep affection of students and parents. Parents come tirelessly from afar to express their heartfelt gratitude to her in person. Graduates who have graduated for many years also come to deliver simple fruits to express their longing. Even if she couldn't see her in person, every time she saw messages from students after work, received their calls, and learned that so many children still cared about her, she felt like the happiest person.

During the graduation season in June 2023, Xu Hui was busy in various graduate dormitories, dedicated to providing the final help and care. During this period, she received a message from Chen Siying, Vice Chairman and Youth League Secretary of the Student Union for Class 19 graduates of the School of Physical Education. To express gratitude and reluctance to part ways, all students in the college have prepared a small gift, expressing a light gift and a strong affection, and hope to give it to Xu Hui personally. They thanked Xu Hui for his care, care, consideration, and encouragement throughout his four years of education, as well as for his warmth like a mother. Faced with the innocent smiles, sincere eyes, and affectionate hugs of the children, Xu Hui couldn't help but burst into tears. This is the tenth graduating class she has sent away, and she feels honored and delighted. At the same time, she also realized the importance and responsibility of her ordinary work.

Xu Hui often emphasizes that she is only handling ordinary small things in an ordinary position. However, these seemingly insignificant little things have added brilliance to the lives of many college students and left precious memories. These experiences have strengthened her confidence psychologically, and she has decided to continue moving forward on the path of serving and educating people.

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