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Lv Yongguang, one of the top 100 inheritors of Chinese Liao cuisine


2024-03-11 11:27

Top 100 Inheritors of Chinese Liao cuisine

National Senior Cooking Technician

National Senior Professional Manager

In 1995, I joined the industry under my tutelage; In 1999, promoted to head chef; In 2001, promoted to Executive Chef; In 2004, he joined Longyuan Group and served as the General Manager of Anshan Longyuan Hotel and Shenti Longyuan Hotel. I have studied under the master of Liaoning cuisine, Mr. Wan Shulin, for nearly 30 years, and have a deep understanding of the characteristics, techniques, flavors, and styles of Liaoning cuisine. I have inherited the production of Liaoning cuisine, which emphasizes not only "crispy, fragrant, and crispy", "original flavor", "bright oil and bright sauce", "color, aroma, and shape", but also "balanced diet", "mellow and light", "flavorful and flavorful", and "tasteless and tasteless". I have drawn on the strengths of others and possess unique skills, earning me a reputation in Liaoning cuisine. In 2015, it was awarded the title of "Top 100 Inheritors of Chinese Liao Cuisine". Representative dishes such as "Yuxian Osmanthus Abalone", "Yuhuan Sea Cucumber", and "Dragon Ball Fish Breast" were selected for "Selected Cuisine of China's Liaoning Cuisine: Top 100 Inheritors of Liaoning Cuisine" (Liaoning Science and Technology Press).

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Dragon Ball Fish Breast

Yuhuan Sea Cucumber

Yuxian Osmanthus Abalone

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