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Guo Lihua, the "Most Beautiful Logistics Person of 2022" in the National Education Logistics System


2022-05-27 15:51

Advanced anti epidemic Longyuan hero

Guo Lihua, a war epidemic figure

Head of apartment Department of Shenyang Agricultural University project of Longyuan Agricultural University

Women do not give way to men, the most firm choice


After the "longest winter vacation in history", on May 18, 2020, Shenyang Agricultural University welcomed the first batch of returning students. 224 graduate students from other provinces and other grades with important scientific research tasks returned to the University. In the special period of consecutive cases in the three northeastern provinces, a total of 20 students from Heilongjiang, Hubei and other key areas will be isolated in the apartment of the school of economics and management for 14 days. In the face of the 14 day isolation escort service task, building director Guo Lihua volunteered to shoulder the responsibility and responsibility with a weak shoulder, and wrote the song of dedication of Longyuan apartment people without complaint and regret.

As early as February 26, when Sun Wei, the general manager of Longyuan Shennong project company, proposed to mobilize the service work of Shennong medical isolation observation area, Guo Lihua, the head of the building, took the initiative to "ask for war". When the whole country was fighting the epidemic, "I ask to participate" was her most firm choice.

Keep an apartment and keep the students safe

At the farewell ceremony held by Shennong company for the three "most beautiful rebels", building director Guo Lihua made an impassioned speech, which enriched the connotation of "please rest assured by the school, the company and the students". In this special period, Longyuan people put their mission into practice with heart. There is no iron wall, and thermometers and disinfectants have become the weapons of "epidemic" in their hands. In every morning and dusk, they share the worries and difficulties for the school and the students, Use 14 * 24 hours uninterrupted to protect the safety of one party.

Isolation will not separate love, warmth will always be


After entering the isolation area, in the face of the single room medical isolation arranged by the school, in order to communicate with the students in a deeper level, think about what the students think and worry about what the students are anxious about, Guo Lihua quickly established aunt Guo's love and help wechat group to communicate with the students. They are like partners fighting together in a silent battlefield. The warm advice warmed the hearts of the students in isolation. The children said that the more difficult it was, the more true it was. Aunt's love will always remain in their hearts.

14 days of medical isolation. Every day, building director Guo actively cooperated with the doctors of the school hospital to disinfect the building, clean up the garbage and transport the goods. Deliver three meals to the students in front of the door, and inspect whether the students in the area are abnormal and need help. Be responsible for guarding the monitoring equipment in the duty room in the lobby at night to avoid students from going out at night. During the isolation period, we cooperated with the doctors of our hospital to conduct two nucleic acid tests for the students. If students have problems at any time, she will communicate with the personnel of the public security department stationed at any time. In this way, the day is arranged to be full, unremitting, willing to dedicate and meet difficulties. In ordinary work, a simple and sincere heart beats. Although I can't be a white angel, I can still stick to my post and be a retrograde apartment man.

"Don't meet" birthday party, unforgettable warmth

Mr. Guo was meticulous. During the service, he accidentally learned that two students had their birthdays during the isolation period. He immediately contacted the apartment manager outside the isolation point. On May 28, a warm scene was staged in the medical isolation point. The uncle of the Public Security Department of the Agricultural University, the doctor of the hospital and the aunt of Longyuan apartment carefully arranged a special birthday party for the students.

Downstairs in the isolation room, Mr. Guo placed a small candle in the shape of a heart, picked up the happy birthday display board, and the students opened the window one after another to sing happy birthday songs. Finally, he sent delicious cakes to the students, so that the two students in the isolation felt the warmth of home. When everyone turned on the lights of their mobile phones and sent sincere birthday greetings to the students celebrating their birthday, sobbing words of thanks came out through the window.

Welcome the hero home, salute and honor

On June 1, the spring is thick and the flowers are full of branches, which is the day when heroes return. After 14 days of isolation, Mr. Guo finally embarked on the road home. Referring to the fact that he has not been home for 14 days, Mr. Guo replied that he has not been able to go home because he has an inseparable school and a reluctant child.

On the day when the children were released from isolation, Mr. Guo and the children said goodbye, cherished each other and thanked each other for all the encounters in their lives. Leaders at all levels of the school and Logistics Department of Shenyang Agricultural University welcomed the students who were released from the school of economics and management. At the same time, they presented flowers to the doctors of the school hospital, the police of the public security department and the aunts of Longyuan apartment who had been here for 14 days. They thanked them for completing the arduous task of accompanying them and returning with honors.

After rest and health testing, building director Guo Lihua returned to her favorite job. The story of building director Guo continues to convey warm positive energy, telling everyone that we may not be able to do great things, but we can persist in doing small things with great love.

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