About us

Development History

Hard work, survival and struggle (2000-2007)

- In April 2000, Anshan Longyuan College Student Apartment Management Co. The name of Longyuan comes from the idiom of "Hope for the Dragon", which means "the source of becoming a dragon", i.e. to cultivate talents for the Party, the country and the society. During the seven years from 2000 to 2007, the company has raised 1 billion yuan and invested in the construction of student living communities of Liaoning University of Science and Technology, Liaoning University of Petrochemical Technology and Shenyang Institute of Physical Education, with a building scale of 350,000 square meters, which has made outstanding contributions to the expansion of enrollment, construction of new campuses and logistic services for the three universities, and has been awarded as the first batch of standardized student apartments and student canteens in Liaoning Province, and has become a name card of the school and an advanced model for the socialization of logistics of universities in Liaoning Province.

Strategic Adjustment Toward National Development (2008-2015)

- In 2008, the operation and management realized chain development and successfully transformed from "asset-heavy" investment and operation to "asset-light" management and brand output, and in 2009, it began to explore diversified development, with the birth of the pharmaceutical and tourism sectors one after another. With advanced cultural concepts and unique service models, the company has cooperated with Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shenyang Agricultural University, Beijing Jiaotong University, etc., realizing the strategy of "going out of Liaoning to the whole country".

Setting standards and leading the industry (2016-2020)

- The company has successively undertaken provincial and national service industry standardization pilot projects and passed the acceptance of experts, and has taken the lead in drafting a series of local standards in Liaoning Province for "socialized services for student apartments in higher education institutions", "socialized services for student canteens in higher education institutions" and "socialized services for apartments for international students", which have been approved by Liaoning Quality Supervision Bureau for publication and implementation. The company led the drafting of a series of local standards for "socialized services for student apartments in higher education institutions", "socialized services for student canteens in higher education institutions", "socialized services for student apartments in higher education institutions" and was approved to be issued and implemented by Liaoning Quality Supervision Bureau. "It has become the only service enterprise in Shenyang City to receive the Mayor's Quality Award.

Transformation and upgrading to create the future (2021~)

- The apartment service model of "Cultural Apartment Service for Nurturing People" nurtured by Longyuan culture has become the leader in the college logistics industry; the service model of "integrated restaurant + culture + learning + social + activities + entertainment + experience + leisure" and the service model of "investment + operation" have become the first service enterprise of "service for nurturing people" in Shenyang. "investment + operation" school-enterprise cooperation model, creating an industry model and benchmark; "partner performance dividend" mechanism allows employees and enterprises to become a community of destiny, stimulating the infinite vitality and vigor of the enterprise, bringing the cadres and employees a sense of happiness, the majority of teachers and students a sense of access to a better life on campus. The "partner performance bonus" mechanism makes the employees and the enterprise a community of destiny, stimulates the unlimited vitality and vigor of the enterprise, and brings a sense of happiness to all cadres and employees and a sense of good life to the majority of teachers and students.