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About Us

About us Into Longyuan

       Founded in 2000, Longyuan Group has been focusing on college logistics services for more than 20 years, specializing in providing core businesses such as student apartments, campus catering, campus commerce, campus property, conference reception, and growing businesses such as campus cultural creation, cultural tourism investment and operation, employment empowerment, dual-creation practice, cross-border e-commerce training, and so on.
       The Group adopts a matrix management mode, with seven functional departments in the headquarters, including Strategic Branding Center, Operation Management Center, Quality and Safety Center, Human Resource Center, Financial Management Center, Engineering Asset Center, and Administration Center, and eight regional companies under the headquarters, implementing the Group's unified "specialization", "digitalization", "digitalization", "digitalization", and "digitalization" principles. The company carries out the unified "professionalization", "numerical control" and "branding" management of the group, so as to achieve the optimal allocation of human, financial, material, information, technology and other resources, quick response and scientific decision-making, and to provide customers with warm, affectionate and valuable services and guarantees.

        Now serves more than 40 colleges and universities across the country, serving nearly 500,000 students and teachers; Shenyang Mayor's Quality Award-winning enterprise, China's education logistics service enterprises TOP 10, the lead drafting unit of the series of local standards for the socialization of college and university logistics services; "cultural apartments, service and education" apartment service model nurtured by the culture of Longyuan, The apartment service model of "Cultural Apartment, Service for Educating People", the catering service model of "Life Square-type Fusion Dining Room", and the school-enterprise cooperation model of "Investment+Operation", which were developed by Longyuan culture, have created a model in the industry.